Writing a book or a story or a tale is not just one’s cup of tea. Firstly writing needs a lot of attention and lot of concentration. Thoughts are very important to write anything. They are different types of writing and styles. Copywriting, creative writing, story writing etc. The way you express using words and revolves the whole story using the given characters and words matters a lot. The expressions also matter in writing. Each one has their own style of writing and way of writing.

 Communication is the most important part of everyone’s life. Without proper conveying of the message, it’s waste of communicating. Companies and many other organizations prefer communicating through a mail or a formal letter in writing. So it is a kind of respect and interest one shows when you give anything in writing because it shows you have taken some time and efforts to write for them.

 They are few writers whose hobby converted into passion is writing. Without writers, there are no readers and the world remains without data to be known and learnt. Are you reading something influential and interesting? Then its all the credits to the writer who had presented in a beautiful way. Writing stories again include a different concept. It includes various themes and variations, genres like love, horror, documentary, thrillers, emotional and many more. Basically, a fictional story includes some 20000+ words, and this would be a basic requirement to write a book and sometimes it is like people extend the story and keep the suspense revolving until the end. These writers are more preferred by many because they play with words and keeps the reader exciting after every page he/she reads. Future can’t be predicted but today can be known only through writing.

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