Knowledge about Dragon Nest M

In presented era pupils and offspring are very keen interested to play games. Dragon nest m is very popular game nowadays among teenagers because of advanced characters classes like; warrior and assassin more than 70 skills and exclusive character.

Features and characteristics

1. 3D Conflicting Experience- Both fighting sequences check your skill and ability whenever dynamic lenses create 3D fighting level.

2. Cooperate with Your teammates- Always making plan with your friends to survive as well fight to kill the dragon. Its only possible when everyone doing work well and win the last survivor.

3. Impressive character- More than 100 costumes to opt from dress to impress unique combination.


1. How to check and setup heraldries – often each and every people seen more common problems in Dragon Nest M is that the improper setup. This problem create when you don’t setup your heraldries properly, you waste the slots and resources. More importantly BP gains stat boosts. There are main prominent types physical and magical based attackers. The 3 main stats in this list re INT,STR and AGI

2. More Beneficial for Squads – The squad is only found in friends section. it ‘limited 15players and all players are active. It only cost 500 DC to begin a squad. You can easily invite to your squad captain in the world chat. The challenge bonus reset once in per week. Interestingly, in the squad shop are peach seeds. This seeds are not very good for sale.