Kim Kardashian: Hollywood – Currencies and Key to Success


Kim Kardashian Hollywood is a role-playing fashion game inspired by Kim. The game is developed by Glu games in 2014 and getting huge update after all these years of launch. In the game, players can do anything they want, and achieve rewards on the way to become famous. In the game, there are several ways to being famous and be rich. Currencies matter so much and earn them takes a lot of efforts to earn, but with the guidance of Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats, it can be earned easily.


Currencies are a vital part of the game; in the game, there are several ways to earn currencies. Every currency is earned by separate ways –

  • Experience – it is the most important thing in the game. In order to be famous in the game, experience points matter the most. In the game, few famous destinations are only accessible when you have high experience.
  • Money – Money is important in every type of game, but in this game, everything is purchased by cash, and that is why money is important in the game. From normal to luxurious items, every item is purchased by cash. Cash is easy to earn in it, but the problem is sometimes cash gets over. There is no way to regain cash easily, so players use Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats mostly times to have an unlimited amount of cash.

To be a successful celebrity, you need to join dates as much as you can. Dates are the best way to expend the fans and circle of friends. On dates, players can ask anything to have a friendly talk. Successful date rewards high amount of experience point and the cash amount.

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