All Basic Detail about the Mafia City

You may have heard about the many of strategy based games for the mobile phones. Here I am talking about the Mafia City. It is the best game with a lot of missions and fights with high-rated graphics. You can meet with many types of enemies and characters in a single platform.  The story line up is based on the underworld; you have to use the guide to get all the information about the game.  You are playing the role of a leader of the mafia gang in the game. The player should use more effort on it to become the best player quickly.

The game gives you online playing feature. Attach the game with social networks sites and show your skills to friends from all over the world. Try to win all the battles by creating a strong gang. Use all the resources correctly which is given by the game by trying Mafia City Hack.

Further information

It is better for the players to use the vehicles to complete all the missions. It is easy to control the vehicles, but if you are not able to use then use the tutorial videos to learn the controls. Moreover, in the missions, you have to face the situation to kill the enemies inside the vehicle. It is not good to set the target on the enemy because the shield of vehicles saves them. Players should hit directly at the petrol tank by using the shotgun to do heavy damage.

The mission of Election Campaign

It is a type of mission, and you have to complete the first 16 chapters to participate in this. In it, you have to kill all the enemies from the height. It is an interesting mission, and you can also use the telescope to complete it. With the help of a telescope you can see your opponent from the near view, and it makes the target easy to kill. You should use the sniper rifle to do this mission quickly. These missions are the main part of the game, and you make your free time entertaining by using it.

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